About Jamie Peck

Jamie and Skip (and so it begins!)Well, as interesting as life can be it can sometimes be a blur in reflection. I was born into a musical family on November 7, 1960. My oldest brother was already playing the accordion in competition and writing music. In the 1940’s while my father was in Europe fighting in World War II my mother was singing with various big bands in the area. By the time I was 9 my brothers were working around town and I was playing the tambourine and falling asleep. It was at that time when my brothers spent two weeks at a summer clinic with the legendary jazz trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie. I remember walking in to the Encore Lounge in Pittsburgh, P.A. with Dizzy. My mother carried his bible and I carried his trumpet. As we were sitting in the club the owner came up to my father and said we had to leave as there were no kids permitted. We all knew we weren’t the only ones. As we were walking out Dizzy asked why we were leaving. At that point Dizzy went to the owner and said “if the kids don’t stay Dizzy don’t play” Wow!!

January 10th 1969 started my professional career. By 1972 I was doing the hotel circuit. I was all about jazz until my brother John pulled me into his room which was rare and introduced me to the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan. I was forever changed. I played saxophone through my junior high and high school years until I graduated a year early in 1978. I quickly went out on the road. In 1980 I landed a house gig at a Sheraton and backed national artists. In 1983 I became the house piano player on Jamboree USA working with national country music artists. 1984 marked the year that I started recording. I started with a 4 track and a Macintosh Plus computer. Two years later I married my wife Monica and at the same time I was awarded a scholarship to Berklee School of Music in Boston. However, being newly married and moving to Boston created a financial challenge. Boston had to wait.

January of 1988 my wife, my self and my brother John started Fat Cat Studio., a sixteen track facility based around computer recording and commercial production in an apartment which led to the opening of a larger room in downtown Wheeling, During that time I recorded various regional acts and hosted recording sessions with such artists as Mike Porcaro from the band Toto. I also recorded and produced a young guitar player by the name of Brad Paisley. I also released and album entitled Jumpstart and 3 years later the room was moved back to the apartment. In 1993 I started writing music for  cable channels such as Bravo, Nickelodeon,  HBO, Showtime, and TV Land starting with the sound design for the cult tv show " Action League Now" for MTV while still composing music for various health care and national jingle spots. In 1995 I started writing for ABC, CBS and NBC television doing promo and source music. My studio has grown into a full blown Pro Tools HDX room featuring a Avid C24 control surface. The room was designed from the ground up when our current house was built in 1998. The room has 12 foot ceilings, private restrooms and iso rooms. I am continuing to write source music for ABC and CBS and PBS as well as working with various indie artists as producer and engineer.  My wife Monica and I have a 17 year old son named Liam and our 6 loving cats Marcus, Han, Luke, Luna, Mama and Decker. Whew!

RIP Simba, Kenya and Sunny. The best trio of boys we ever had.


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