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Welcome to Jamie Peck Productions
Studio 216


Jamie Peck

Jamie Peck Productions founder Jamie Peck is a Emmy award winning composer, producer, and engineer. Through his 50 years in the industry he has worked with a diverse range of clients including ABC, PBS, Showtime, HBO, and Nickelodeon. He also works with regional song writers and bands with a focus on maintaining a high-end sound that is competitive with the mainstream industry.


His journey began at nine years old when his older brother Skip put an alto sax in his hands. He began learning by listening to his brother play melodies of jazz tunes. In his early twenties he began to take an interest in audio recording. Jamie built his first recoding studio in 1986 and from there started Jamie Peck Productions. 

As a player, Jamie has performed in a wide variety of situations from being the staff piano player on Jamboree USA backing up artists like Gary Morris and Kathy Mattea to producing and touring with the B.E. Taylor Group. 

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